How Often Should You Have Your Insurance Policies Reviewed?

How often should you have your insurance policies reviewed?

Your insurance policies should be reviewed with your agent every year. Reviewing your insurance policy is an important part of understanding what your insuring and how much coverage you have for your assets. Every year may seem like a lot but, in one year so many things can change in your life without you even realizing what effect it could have on your insurance. If you are buying more properties, buying more toys, more vehicles, now have youthful operators on your auto policy, these things could be the deciding factor in purchasing an umbrella policy. If you make changes to your home during the year, updated heating system, new roof, additions, adding a porch/deck, building a new garage, all of these things need to be discussed with your agent to make sure you have enough coverage on your homeowners insurance to cover your interest at the time of a loss. If you do not have enough coverage, your policy needs to be amended in order to make sure all of your financial assets are covered if you have a total loss of your home. If you install a pool at your home, you should speak with your agent regarding your current liability coverage on your homeowners policy to make sure you have enough coverage for injuries that may occur.

Throughout one year, so many things can change in your life and you may not even realize the effect it could have on your insurance policies. Here at Cote Agency we make annual renewal calls to our clients and offer a review of their policy. Make sure you are speaking with your Agent about your life changes and what affect they have on your insurance policy, or how you can change your insurance policy to reflect your life changes.

This Blog was written by Alyssa who runs our South Glens Falls office. If you have a policy in need of review even if you're with another agency give Alyssa a call at 518-761-6764 and she will be happy to help you.

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