Gansevoort, NY Home Insurance – Why are premiums higher than other areas?

As a local leader in personal insurance, we get asked all sorts of questions. Some of them serious and some questions help us to place our palms directly to our foreheads.  Of all the questions we receive, one of the most common is," why is my insurance so expensive?"  Although we may get sick of getting asked this question, we totally get it, insurance sucks to pay for.  We have the same complaints with our own insurance.

The Cote Agency has 4 offices in Saratoga County, so we are very familiar with insuring properties locally, both rural and urban.  But we run into the same questions as our clients who own properties very close to urban centers, but are forced to insure their homes like they are in the middle of no-where.  Which brings us to the point of today's blog: Modern Homes in Gansevoort Located in the "Insurance Bermuda Triangle"

Insurance is complicated, with thousands of rating variables and risk determinations.  When it comes to home insurance, distance to a fire hydrant and distance to a fire station impact rates significantly.  Which makes sense, how far away is the nearest professional to put out a fire and do they have access to water?  Many insurance companies calculate this risk factor by using a scale of 1-10 to determine a homes risk factor.  They call this scale: PPC or Public Protection Classification. Your insurance rates are directly affected by how low or high your home's PPC number is.

The PPC scale is primarily based off the community’s fire department, water supply and emergency communication systems.  Things such as response times and distance to the nearest fire department, fire hydrant and/or water supply, paid versus volunteer fire department all contribute to PPC ratings.

Geographically, Gansevoort is huge!  Even though you may only be only a few minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs, your home may be located in a neighborhood without fire hydrants and miles away from the first responding fire department. That's why we see homes in Gansevoort ranging from a number from 4 to 10 on the PPC scale.   We feel really bad for homeowners who are located in a PPC 10 and don't know that there are many alternatives to their high insurance rates. You wouldn't believe what some people pay for homeowners insurance before coming to talk with us!

So what's the solution if you find yourself in the, "Insurance Bermuda Triangle"?  Talk with Cote!  Although many carriers use the PPC scale, many other highly ranked carriers, like MetLife, use their own system for determining risk.  Our agents find, by using the carriers who use an alternative risk decision estimator, we can save them as much as 80%!  That's no joke savings!

So it's up to you, Mr. or Mrs. insurance shopper.  (1) You can either go online and find your own insurance.  We equate insurance purchasing yourself to when your kid brings home a macaroni self portrait from school, "Aw, looks how nice this looks, you're going to be the next Picasso" (2) call another insurance agency. You may find that many other agencies have steered their business direction towards business insurance because of the bigger price tag and commission check they receive. (and they only represents a few personal insurance companies, they don't have your best interest at heart), or (3) talk to the agents of Cote Insurance who represent over 50 different insurance companies.  We dare you to spend the rest of today calling around to find an agency that directly represents that many companies.  Seriously, if you find one, come get a free gift card from us.  Our motto is more companies, more options, bigger savings.

If you are concerned about your homeowner’s insurance premium or coverage, please reach out to us at Cote Insurance. We are here to help our community unravel the insurance world!

Come try us out and see why Cote Insurance is one of the fastest growing agencies in upstate NY!


Cote Insurance Agency provides home, auto, business, life and many other types of insurance throughout New York State including Glens Falls, Queensbury, South Glens Falls, Corinth, Greenfield Center, Wilton, Gansevoort, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Scotia and Rotterdam. We also cover the counties of Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Warren, Washington and Rensselaer.


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