Many of us at the Cote Agency have dogs of our own and wanted to explain a few things about dog ownership and insurance.

Are you considering expanding your family with a new furry face? Congratulations! Dogs help their owners get more exercise, meet their neighbors and acclimate to environmental allergens and even potentially live longer lives — that’s the upside to sharing your home with the funny guy who tracks in dirt and slobbers all over your stuff.

Owning a dog can also create some challenges with your homeowners insurance, many times limiting the choices of insurance carriers who will accept the risk. At Cote Insurance Agency, we’re dog lovers and we love our customers, so we’re here to help answer your questions and evaluate your policy coverage to ensure it meets your needs.

In many communities, “dangerous breeds” have gotten a bad rap. They’re not bad dogs or even the dogs most likely to bite others. (As insurance agents, we don’t often receive claims after Pug or Yorkshire Terrier bites, though we often hear about them from friends and neighbors.)Rather, they’re typically larger breeds whose bites may inflict the most harm: they can include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chow chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas and Huskies.

Per the ASPCA, the majority of dog bites to children occur from a dog the child knows. If you own a dog, socialize him with children so he understands sudden movement isn’t a threat and that you don’t need to be protected. As you research area training classes, ask about focusing on this. If you have children, teach them responsible behavior around dogs, such as not teasing, not startling and not interacting with a dog without the owner’s immediate permission.

Working in the context of New York and town-specific regulations, your insurance agent may also recommend installing a fence or other safety measures.

With the appropriate insurance, you can enjoy a happier and longer life with your dog. We can even focus on your auto insurance to offer pet injury protection, evaluate homeowners insurance to plan for greater security and work with you to evaluate needs and constraints in your specific community. We’re eager to help: contact Cote Agency with any questions about your pup and insurance


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