Spring Motorcycle Safety

If you're a motorcycle rider like I am you're chomping at the bit waiting for spring. Once the snow is melted and the sun is out most riders are eager to get their Hogs out on the road. Whether you're a new or seasoned rider, riding an Indian, Harley, Vespa or anything in between here are some spring safety tips you need to know when riding in New York State.

With the changing of seasons from winter to spring you want to be aware of  patches of melting snow and ice, or any other wet and slick road conditions. Even if the sun is shining spring showers can make for dangerous road conditions because after even a little bit of rain  oils and dirt rise to the surface of the road and can cause a nasty or fatal accident.  Along those lines you also want to look for standing water or puddles and avoid those too because especially this time of year where the roads are filled with potholes you won't be sure whats lurking at the bottom of a puddle or you could hydroplane and loose control. The capital district is well know for the potholes we have, before writing this article I was driving around Schenectady and Saratoga and couldn't believe all the potholes that I noticed. If you are riding and can not avoid a pothole slow down as much as safely possible and use your judgement on the safest way to hit it, unfortunately we just have to deal with that where we live. In upstate New York many town in the north country and Adirondacks will use dirt or a mixture of dirt and salt to save money when preparing for snow. This dirt will collect on the roads and can cause your back wheel to slip out from under you when going around turns.  Avoid this at all costs hitting a gravely patch going around a corner could be deadly.

As with other times of the year you will want to stay visible to other drivers using brightly colored helmets and jackets. You will want to make sure to use padding in your jacket and riding pants too. The extra padding could save you from some broken bones and even some road rash.

Always use your turn signals and be a defensive motorcycle rider looking out for potential problems up the road. Avoid blind spots and use your horn if you think another driver hasn't seen you.

Keep the rubber side down fellow riders!

This article was written by Fred our owner. He's not just an insurance agent he's also a fellow rider! Come and talk to Fred about your ride, he'll be happy to show you pictures of his ride, a Victory Kingpin.

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